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MIChild FAQs

At Delta Dental, we strive to provide superior customer service. It is important to us to answer every inquiry quickly, professionally and accurately. Following is a selection of our most frequently asked questions:

May I choose any dentist?

You may choose any dentist who participates in Delta Dental's MIChild program. Although we prepare the MIChild dentist directory with our most current information, ask the dentist or the dental office staff if they are participating in Delta Dental's MIChild program when you make an appointment.
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When does dental coverage begin?

Coverage begins as soon as Delta Dental is notified by the State that the child is enrolled. Eligibility generally begins the first day of the month following acceptance into the program. Only dental services provided after the child becomes eligible will be covered.
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Will Delta Dental make payment directly to the dentist, or will I receive payment?

Delta Dental will make payment directly to the participating dentist.
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Do I have to pay for dental services?

As long as you go to a dentist who participates in Delta Dental's MIChild program, you do not have to pay for covered services. If MIChild does not cover a service you would like your dentist to provide, you must pay for that service.
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What happens if my child doesn’t go to a participating dentist?

Delta Dental will not pay for services from a nonparticipating dentist, and you will have to pay for them.
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Do I have to send in claim forms?

No, the treating dentist submits a claim for completed services to Delta Dental, and Delta Dental sends payment to the dentist.
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Does MIChild cover all dental services?

No. The program covers basic dental services to keep your child healthy, and the covered services may have some exclusions and limitations. These are all listed in the MIChild member handbook.
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